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How To Reverse Gingivitis Naturally?

Causes of receding gums

Gingival recession is the apical displacement (toward the tooth root) of the periodontal tissues, including the gums. This shift causes exposure of tooth root, making it susceptible to problems such as tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

This is a problem which begins with the time, and its evolution rate determined by the intensity of the causes. This is most commonly found in older adults, however, can also be observed in children, although it is much less frequent. Gingival recession can occur in a tooth or group of teeth.

What causes gum recession?

The gum apical displacement can occur for various reasons, although it should be clear that it is a multifactorial problem.
  • Injuries from the wrong brushing technique: Excessive force used in brushing causes gum tissues to move, exposing the root to the oral environment;
  • Occlusal trauma (bite): during tooth contact due to mastigatory function, the masticatory forces are distributed throughout the tooth structure and their periodontal support tissues.

Inadequate forces (vertical and lateral) of a tooth or group of teeth make the periodontal ligament miss the insertion with gingiva, promoting apical displacement of the gingival tissues. This occurs when a person has occlusion problems, that is, there is not the correct tooth contact.

Plaque and tartar: inflammation due to plaque causes the gums to point to a place where there is sound dental tissue. When it is removed, it is common client reports sensitivity, since the area was protected for tartar.

Receding gums grow back

Treatment and Prevention

In the overwhelming most of gingival recession cases are irreversible, there is the need for the dentist treatment to deal with the case. Some treatments are proposed and differs from case to case. If the affected person has not started treatment, Nature's Smile herbal mouthwash and oral gum paste can considerably alleviate the problem of sensitive teeth. 

The prevention of the factors is the main treatment. Gingival recession does not occur from one day to the other. Toothpastes have abrasive agents, which act by rubbing only, without the need for putting excessive force. Plaque removal is necessary. Restorations and ill - fitting dentures should be corrected for the functional recovery of restoration and gingival health.

Incorrect occlusion causes excessive strain on the teeth and supporting tissues, causing the retractions. Orthodontic treatment and oral rehabilitation correct or minimize this problem. A periodic dentist visit can help a lot in preventing this problem. Monitoring helps diagnose problems in the beginning, avoiding the problem can make it worse in the future.

Active ingredients of Nature’s Smile gum paste can successfully stop receding gumsnaturally. To read more "Home remedies for receding gums", visit or call: 1-877-411-1321 for consultation.  

Receding Gums Natural Treatment

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